WWW HAIKU ANTHOLOGY: Worthy of study. 
  Haiku and articles by internationally known poets. 
  An attractive site that is easy to move through.
  Edited and maintained by Andre Duhaime
AHA! POETRY: Jane Reichhold's popular interactive site for all poets with an emphasis on encouraging Oriental genres. Poetry, articles, puzzles, links, and more. For a special treat, click on "Invitation."
CHABA: Edited and maintained by John Hudak. Excellent haiku by internationally known poets.
SANGEET'S HAIKU & POETRY CORNER: Splendid array of haiku, tanka, renga and other poetry forms. Articles, links and more.
MAINICHI: Haiku column in Japan's highly respected English-language newspaper. International haiku. Email submissions to with Haiku In English in Subject line.
HAIKU BRITISH COLUMBIA: The BC branch of Haiku Canada, you'll find excellent haiku here by anne mckay, Winona Baker and other BC poets. Edited and maintained by Edward Zuk.
HAIKU CUPBOARD: Neca Stoller's homepage.
CAPTAIN HAIKU: Michael Dylan Welch's homepage
THE HAIKU HABIT: Jeanne Emrich's homepage
THE HAIKU CORNER: Edited and maintained by Alan Realey . Haiku by Alan and others.
GENE DOTY'S HOMEPAGE: Gene shares his haiku, tanka, ghazals and other poetry with us, and includes links to a wide array of resources of interest to poets. A must see! THE HERON'S NEST: This handsomely designed site features an award-winning haiku each month with thought- provoking comments by the site's editor Christopher Herold and an enviable selection of haiku by internationally acclaimed poets.. Past issues are archived for your reading pleasure as well. Ferris Gilli and Paul MacNeil are Assoc. Editors here. A friendly place to enjoy and to learn, A tip of the hat to the editor and to Alex Benedict who maintains this new and highly pleasurable site. PAPER LANTERNS Here, Debi Bender, editor and webmaster, showcases haiku, haibun, haiga, renga, tanka, sijo, and much more. There's even a section for kids! Beautifully presented, easy to assess, and thoroughly entertaining. Be sure to bookmark this one! ACORN: Edited by A.C. Missias, this journal of quality contemporary haiku as well as information re other redfox press publications will surely tempt you to submit your own work. Beautifully presented. STILL: Edited by ai li, this beautiful site is a "must see." You'll find winning haiku, new poetry forms, information and order forms re still's gorgeous anthologies and semi-annual haiku competitions, and other goodies. WORLD HAIKU REVIEW: This attractive quarterly online journal is in the capable hands of Susumu Takiguchi, Chairman, The World Haiku Club & Managing Editor, World Haiku Review and Debi Bender, Development Advisor, The World Haiku Club & Editor-in-Chief, World Haiku Review. WHR celebrates and encourages diversity, individualism and local initiatives in haiku, promoting useful exchanges of different views held by different schools of thought and individuals. It also serves as a champion of beginners as well for established and seasoned poets around the world. Expertly written articles and columns, haiku, renku, anthologies - you name it! are here for your discovery. This highly informative, well designed site will have you returning time and again. Why wait another minute! ART AND POETRY OF CHIYO-NI: Sarah Whitworth's beautiful webpage Chiyo's feminist poetry that includes commentary cited from Patricia Donegan & Yoshie Ishibashi's collection, "Chiyo-Ni: Woman Haiku Master." You'll love it! HAIKU HARVEST : Edited by Denis Garrison. Links and Meditation pages as well as past issues of Haiku Harvest are archived here. FREE TIMES This pleasing and informative haiku site out of Belgium that earned the "selection of the week" by is also referenced in their poetry/haiku section. While this reading-room, library, journey in haiku is predominately French, some English translations are here with a promise of more to come. Aptly edited and maintained by Serge Tome. Home Page of A.C. Missias Beautifully presented, this site includes the bi-annual haiku journal, Acorn, under her editorial guidance. Excellent haiku. Be sure to visit and submit your unpublished work for inclusion. Ed Chew's Personal Site: Ed's appealing site features the following sections: About Me | Family Photo Album | My Own Haiku | More haiku and poems of mine | Some of my other writings: | Who am I? What am I learning? | Favorite Links | Contact Me | haiku from around the world. Poems submitted by amateurs and aficionados. To submit your haiku, go to Contact Me and click on haiku. Be sure you provide a credit line to protect your poem as your property. (e)literature: Carlos Fleitas of Uruguay, South America invites you to visit his attractive website that features his haiku, poetry, essays, short stories in Spanish and English. haijinx A new international, web-based journal that focuses on the role of humor in haiku in an effort to keep haiku fresh. Edited by Mark Brooks, Alan J Summers, Serge Tomé, and Carmen Sterba, this site is elegant, friendly, and easy to navigate. Here you will find haiku by numerous poets across the world, haiga, fascinating and informative articles by several renowned poets along with their biographies, publication histories and awards they have earned. The editors welcome your haiku and letters. Don't miss this one! MUSHIMEGANE:This attractive and informative trilingual site (Japanese, French, English), edited by Ryu Yotsuya & Niji Fuyuno, features haiku, tanka, other literature, contemporary art that includes movies and music, as well as articles and essays relating to said genres. Some work that appears in "Haïku sans frontières: une anthologie mondiale," an international haiku anthology edited by Andre Duhaime of Canada, also is featured here. While the work in Mushimegane is by invitation only, it is well worth your time to visit. MOMENTS: Haiku, informative articles by Jane Reichhold among others, and links.Edited by Tina Stanton, this site is neatly presented and easy to navigate. Do visit! POETISM.COM: In this excellent site, you'll find haiku, articles, anthologies, contests, chat with poets, post poems and events, submit a poem of the day, and sign up to recieve a personal webpage. CREATIVE IDEAS: HAIKU: Haiku, cards, art, links, and other interesting goodies relating to haiku. Well worth visiting. MICHI ONLINE A resource for everyone interested in Japan's arts and methods of personal growth as well as the home of perhaps the world's first electronic journal of Japanese cultural arts. Instructional and links re haiku, bonsai, etc. Beautifully presented, easy to navigate. A must see! Edited by H. E. Davey, President of the non-profit organization, the Sennin Foundation, Inc. SAKI PRESS Detailed information re the winning haiku chapbooks and their author's in this year's contest. Instructions on how to order and enter their annual competition. Attractive site. Editor is Lenore Hutton. PHOENIX RISING BOOKSHOP (Alan is owner of this shop); THE BOOKHOUND - A Guide to Literary Sites on the Internet; NARROW ROADS JAPANESE FORUM Alan Mietlowski maintains these well-maintained and informative sites that deserve to be bookmarked. WELCOME TO RENGA: An attractive site that presents a variety of renga forms - kasen, nijuin, shisan, septenga, and other experimentals - including definitions, links, and books. Compliments of hortensia anderson. Be sure to visit! RENKU: William J. Higginson's newest site offers everything you wanted to know about Renku - in depth how-to articles, tables illustrating guidelines for traditional 36- and 24 verse renku, examples, bibliographies, including a forum and much more. A must see! SIJO WEST: Sijo after the ancient Korean poetry form by the masters and modern poets. Edited and maintained by Larry Gross.
HAIGA: HAIGA ONLINE- A JOURNAL OF PAINTING AND POETRY: This lovely site is maintained by Jeanne Emrich and features fine haiku poets as well as paintings by Susan Frame and Robert Schmitt. "The History of Haiga"; "What is Haiku?", submission guidelines, Contributors and the first issue. Unique presentation. Click for pleasure! PHOTOHAIKU ARTS Roderick J. Stewart's beautiful nature photographs and haiku poetry explore the intimate and subtle spirituality that connects one with nature. Inspiration for these works is drawn from the natural beauty of the Northwest Pacific Coast region, particularly southern Vancouver Island. Be sure to check out this site! HAIGA GALLERY: Haiga galore! Kuniharu Shimizu's stunning photographs illustrate excellent haiku by world-renowned poets to make this site well worth visiting time and again. Your haiku are welcomed here. HAIKU DREAMS: A spectacular haiga site. Ray Rasmussen invites you to submit your haiku and he will complement it with one of his superb photos. Or write haiku for his "photos in waiting" section. The work of top poets can be found here. Click for joy! INTERACTIVE PHOTO HAIKU: Miitsugu Abe's beautiful site highlights more than 1000 haiku by poets worldwide, hundreds of superb photographs, comments re haiga from contributors, and much more. Select a photo and submit a haiku based on it. Highly pleasurable! DARK MOON POETRY A beautifully presented homepage featuring the haiku and other poetry forms by award-winning poet, an'ya. Haiku are enhanced by Kuniharu Shimizu's elegant and unique haiga. Treat yourself to this one! FORUMS: HAIKU FORUM: One of the most active forums online. Post your haiku, tanka, renga, sijo, and other Asian poetry forms for help or just to share. Competitions here as well. Under the watchful direction of Susumu Takiguchi, the atmosphere here is warm, friendly, and highly informative. Go to the site to join; you may choose to receive daily posts by e-mail or read and post directly from the site. Highly recommended. SHIKI INTERNATIONAL HAIKU SALON: Subscribe to write and respond to haiku and tanka that appear in this busy site. Excellent archives as well.
HAIKU TALK: The title says all. Check it out! Edited by Gerald England.
E-CARDS: JAPAN POEM: A free greeting card service that uses the elegance of the ancient Japanese Hyakunin Isshun court poetry, beautiful pictures, and Java illusions. This one is a must! DIRECTORIES: OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECT: A useful directory re haiku, tanka, sijo, related and other poetry, literature and arts. Easy to navigate. Edited and maintain by William J. Higginson, this site was born to be bookmarked! ABOUT.COM'S POETRY:An impressive list of 700-plus poetry links, including haiku, tanka, and sijo. You'll also find forums, chat rooms, resources, etc. Edited and reviewed by Bob Holman and Margery Snyder. First class! CATALOG OF THE AMERICAN HAIKU ARCHIVE Check this one to find info re your favorite haiku poets' collections. Excellent haiku reference site. LINKS TO HAIKU POETRY SITES AROUND THE WORLD: An attractive site. Maintained by David Patrick Ryan HAIKU RESOURCES Edited by Mark Brooks, this site features Online Anthologies, Offline and Online Journals, Writing, Articles, Haiku Exercise, Posts, Renku/Renga, Reading and Writing, Books, Definitions, General Links, Organizations, Sharing, and Public Mailing Lists. Plenty here to keep you returning time and again. UC BERKELEY LIBRARY WEB: Fine articles relating to sijo for your research here. CANADIAN POETS REGISTRY: Thanks to Editor Richard Grove, lists of individual Canadian poets, their books and anthologies. WITH 1 CLICK: New search site, but it lists some sijo, haiku and other literary sites that are worthwhile. Visit and browse and add your URL! GUIDES AND DIRECTORIES TO HAIKU ON THE INTERNET: Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo, this site provides detailed information for links to numerous sites. With a click, you'll find journals, books, small presses, directories, guides. You name it, you'll find it here. An excellent, easy-to-navigate site that was born to be bookmarked! ORGANIZATIONS: HAIKU CANADA: This informative page is included in André Duhaime's attractive and informative WWW HAIKU site. HAIKU SOCIETY OF AMERICA: Information about this long-standing organization, competitions, articles, bios, examples and interesting tidbits. THE YUKI TEIKEI HAIKU SOCIETY: For poets who prefer 5-7-5 haiku. Iinformation re the Society, membership and events, including guidelines for their annual haiku competition as well as the Haiku Poets of N. California's annual contest. Also here, a Chatroom, Web of Renku section with links to renga sites, Completed Renku, Renku in Progress, Topics and Season words, and a form for your donations of haiku material to the California State Library Archives. A tip of the hat to Webmaster, Alex Benedict, for an interesting and informative site. NORTH CAROLINA HAIKU SOCIETY: Info about this vibrant haiku community can be found here. Lenard D. Moore, President. Easy to navigate and informative. Do visit! NICK VIRGILIO HAIKU ASSOCIATION HOME PAGE HAIKU OZ: THE AUSTRALIAN HAIKU SOCIETY: Information re this newly founded organization with its active membership. Welcome to the haiku community, Australia! WEST END WRITERS' CLUB, VANCOUVER: Edited and maintained by Glen D. Wheeler, this informative site shares fiction, nonfiction, poetry, contests, events, contests, markets, and links to other interesting sites. THE HAIKU POETS OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: Edited by Michael Dylan Welch, this neat, attractive site has gotten off to a fne start. Presently contains membership and meetings information Future plans will include information about their journal *Mariposa*, all of the Two Autumns Press books and how to order them, winning poems of HPNC contests, text, photographs, and other items of interest. Do visit! CANADIAN AUTHORS ASSOCIATION: Splendid information and links. Info for anyone interested in the Canadian writing scene. BOSTON HAIKU SOCIETY: Haiku, membership information, meetings, etc. Excellent haiku by Kaji Aso, Raffael de Gruttola, among others. THE NATIONAL LEAGUE OF AMERICAN PEN WOMEN: Information re membership, news, etc. Nicely presented and easy to navigate. TALLAHASSEE WRITERS' ASSOCIATION: List of annual Penumbra haiku and poetry winners, details re next competition, publications, programs, membership info, etc. Pleasurable and informative. USA POETRY ORGANIZATIONS: If you need information about an American poetry organization's membership, competitions, meetings, or what-have-you, this is the site for you. They are all here - neatly listed so you'll find the one you're looking for in a snap! OTHER: AMERICAN POETRY: Another of Neca Stoller's pleasing homepages. THE SPIRIT OF GARDENING: A fascinating site that is close to nature and includes Haiku, Sayings, Quips, Quotes, Proverbs, Maxims, Wisdom, Cliches. Organized by Over 60 Themes. Many Documents also have related Internet Links and Reading Lists. A Work in Progress Towards a Gathering of Over 2,000 Quotes. Compiled by Michael P. Garofalo "A Quiet Place" - LESLYE LANE RUSSELL: Beautifully presented site with fine content that will have you returning again and again. Layne's lovely poetry (she's a singer songwriter too), a list of readings by Layne and others in the N. CA area, photos, poetry links, etc. There's even a chat room here. So give it a click! RIC MASTEN PRESENTATIONS:Ric Masten, a poet who has traveled extensively, delighting listeners and readers for years with his serious and humorous poetry. Be sure to check out this site - Ric will make your day! STIRRING: A LITERARY COLLECTION Stirring is a monthly, online literary collection that prides itself in collecting the best of the web's burgeoning writers for publication. Typically it publishes a script, several short stories, and around ten poems each issue. Haiku are welcome here. Stirring also offers free literary critiques and link exchanges. Editor-in-Chief is Erin Elizabeth. PROOF POSITIVE: A meeting place for freelance writers and photographers that focuses on the Canadian writing and photography market place. CANADIAN FREELANCE NEWS: A free e-zine for writers and photographers A WRITER'S CHOICE: Another handsome and informative site to satisfy your reading pleasure. It will also lead you to some interesting new sites. Edited by Leslie Blanchard THE BLUE MOON: Poetry, ficition and nonfiction here. Worth your time to check it out. SISTINE CHAPBOOK: Bulletin board for poetry & prose, live chat, events, etc. Julie Damerell oversees this artistic, warm, and overall highly pleasurable site. YADRASIL: A JOURNAL OF THE POETIC ARTS: Informative, entertaining, and easy to navigate, this site is edited by Klaus J. Gerkin of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Some fine poetry for your enjoyment. 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