by ai li and Larry Kimmel
home      the honey is sweeter there 

on the closed piano      bittersweet 

a lingering farewell into dusk 

heat lightning   the porch swing creaks 

cicada   leaf fall 

a woolly bear wends its way towards winter 

piped music in santa's grotto 

pied piper   singing sirens    tug of war 

end of term blues   a blunt pencil and no haiku 

so blue   the sky through empty branches 

cocoon    it waits for no one 

light housework duties   cobwebs to let 

the stranger in black with pout 

dungeons & dragons    a cricket in the basement

child     his ear on an empty box 

cordless phone    testing its reach 

adult approaching the tree house 

'what are you up to?'       'nothing'

windowsill pie      drawing a blackbird 

take all you want     eat all you take 

topless waitress    showing youth to table 

drowning my frustrations at the Mermaid 

night siren     the blue of neon in puddle 

in the gutter    a severed finger 

returning the Star of India 

no deposit     no prodigal son 

a tiara in the dark of pawnshop 

in the back room    jokers are wild 

bare bulb over the card table 

overhead    a brass rail bed endlessly creaking

grandma in bed contacting venus 

ladybug  over the lip of the cup  not quite 

dregs of matcha   faintly green 

the chartreuse flare of leaflets 

a legendary beauty in need of warmth 

homeless    under a stingy sun