ALEXANDER, BECKY: for a decade, Becky has written
humorous articles, poetry, and haiku. She has been published
in Pegasus, Country Woman,  The Toronto Star, Tower, and
Zygote, among others, and has had work included in national
and international anthologies. She is a member of several
writers associations, including The Cambridge Writers
Collective, Green River Writers (KY), and Haiku Canada.
Her first chapbook is entitled On Raven¹s Wings.
Becky Alexander

ANAKIEV, DIMITAR: poet, editor, and publisher who
owns Prijatelj Haiku Press ( Slovenia ) which publishes
books and magazines of and about haiku, including
KNOTS - An Anthology of Southeastern European Haiku,
edited by Dimitar Anakiev & Jim Kacian, and A Peace
of the Sky - Haiku from Shelter - an anthology of war
topic haiku from Yugoslavia, edited by Anakiev. He is
the "father" and editor of many haiku projects in
Southeastern Europe such as: Haiku Novine in Nis,
Yugoslavia and Prijatelj in Tolmin, Slovenia. Dimitar has
eleven haiku collections published. His books include
Pticija Staza - 1995 in Serbian; Ptica Pateka - 1996 in
Bulgarian; Lastovke - 1998 in Slovenian; and Enormous
Frog  - 1998 in English. He also has won several prizes in
haiku competitions such as Second Prize in The Mainichi
Daily News Contest in 1993. Dimitar chairs the inaugural
committee of the Haiku Association of South East Europe
( HASEE) and edits Green Apples - Forum for International
Haiku. Dimitar Anakiev

ANDERSON, KAY F.: a published freelance writer and
author since 1965, two of her books were THE FIRST
BOOK OF PHILOSOPHY (for gifted 6th grade students)
translated a French philosophy book into English,
worked as Director of Christian Education and Evangelism,
and as a certified Transactional Analyst from 1969 to
retirement. Special writing assignments were with
Maltz, author of PSYCHOCYBERNETICS. (She served as
Director of West Coast Psychocybernetics.)  Kay has
published in Reader's Digest, Good Housekeeping, Family
Circle,Guideposts, and elsewhere, receiving honorary
awards from the California Congress of Parents and
Teachers, Inc., and from the American Assoiation of Blood
Banks for a year-long series of articles. Kay began writing
haiku a decade ago and has published in numerous journals
and anthologies, winning various awards for haiku, senryu
and tanka. She served as 1994 judge for the Gerald M.
Brady Memorial Senryu Contest, and was President of
HPNC in 1996. She has been appointed judge for the 2001
haiku contest sponsored by the Palomar Branch of National
Leaque of American Pen Women. A large collection of Kay's
published haiku appear in Charles Trumbull's Haiku Database.
Kay has been a playful and spontaneous unschooled artist for
most of her life, including trompe l'oeil paintings on her
home, on a motel and a condo building, but became seriously
committed to sumie-e in 1992.  Four of her sumi-e were first
published in Woodnotes, as well as one sumi-e in a Romanian
publication, 1993.  Her first haiga was published in S X SE,
1997; the second haiga was published in Mariposa 1, 1999,
and subsequently one each of her haiga and haibun were
published in up against the window, American Haibun &
Haiga.  Her haiga, "just as it is," along with a discussion of
its Zen nature, will be included in a forthcoming Tuttle book
written by Bruce Ross, Editor of HAIKU MOMENT. Four of
her haiga appear in Jean Emrich's HAIGAOnline, May 2000,
in the Contemporary and Experimental section. Kay also
illustrated David Rice's tanka chapbook, In Each Other's Steps,
and assisted in illustrating Laurie Stoelting's haiku chapbook,
Light on the Mountain. Recently Kay provided eleven sumi-e
illustrations for Editor Linda Ward's, FULL MOON TIDE, a
selection of prize winning poems gleaned from ten years of
Tanka Splendor competition. As of Fall, 2000, Kay’s sumi-e
paintings appear in the HSA Newsletter and are scheduled
to continue for one year. Kay lives with her husband,
John, beside a San Francisco Bay lagoon in Redwood Shores,
Redwood City, CA.  Kay and John are parents of a high school
fine arts teacher/counselor, Sue Villarreal, and Kathryn
Anderson, Detective Sergeant of the Redwood City Police
Department.  They have four grandchildren, Megan, Vince,
J.R. and Laura.   Kay Anderson

an’ya: her name translates to  “dark'night” or means a
surprise that arrives under cover of nighttime. an'ya's
haiku is like "a light in the moonless night," this name
given to her by  David McMurray (Mack), author of
a weekly column at the "Asahi  Evening Newspaper" in
Japan. Some of her first haiku were featured at "The Outch
Tree," thereafter, she began posting her haiku to the "Shiki
Internet Salon," where her work earned a few 4th, 5th, etc.
in weekly kukai competitions. On a regular basis in 1999,
an'ya's haiku appeared online at "The Heron's Nest," one
earning 1st place Editor's Choice; and later voted as one of
the year's favorites in the Valentine Award's. Since then, that
particular haiku has been translated and printed in the Serbian
language, and reprinted in the "Haiku Informer #12." Another
of her haiku was featured online at “japandesignworks,” and
another is forthcoming at "Haiga Online." Other haiku are
scheduled to appear in "Green Apples" and in "Haiku  Moment."
Her work also appears in “Up Against the Wall” 2000 anthology
(Red Moon Press) accompanied by haigu by Kuniharu Shimizu,
celebrated graphic design artist in Japan. In the "World Haiku
Festival 2000, two of  an’ya’s haiku were selected as favorites.
Most recently, her haiku earned 2nd place, Editor's Choice in the
March edition of "The Heron's Nest”; 3rd place, plus an HM in the
"Evelyn Slater McLeod & Viola Rivenburgh Memorial Poetry
Contest 2000" sponsered by the National League of American Pen
Women. an’ya also writes other types of poetry, including sijo and
poems for special occasions – examples of which can be found in
her website.  tacticianWebsite: DARK MOON POETRY

AOYAGI, FAY: born in Tokyo, Fay has been living
in San Francisco since 1994 after 10 years as a non-
haiku poet in New York City.  Fay Aoyagi

Belle is a life member of International Writers' Workshop,
N.Z. (Inc), and a member of Auckland Chevron Poets.
Her poetry has been published in the U.S.A., Canada,
Israel, Scotland, England, Japan and New Zealand.
 Belle A. Robertson