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Canadian Haiku Poet

Ruby Spriggs



     crossing over
         the bridge on The Thames
               whistle of swan's wings
                                                                                   Ruby Spriggs - Frogpond, Vol. XI:3, 1988
Born in England, Ruby Spriggs emigrated to Canada in 1957 where she lived in Montreal and Toronto, finally making her home in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Interested in Asian poetry since the 1970s, Ruby's gift for haiku, tanka and renga quickly became highly respected. Her work appears in leading international journals and anthologies, including The Canadian Haiku Anthology, Erotic Haiku, Anthos, The Haiku Handbook, Round Renga Round, Tanka Splendor, Haiku Moment, The Haiku Hundred, How to Write and Publish Poetry, and Four Seasons.  Ruby also earned numerous awards and served as editor for Haiku Canada Newsletter (1990 - 1992), and as co-editor with Dorothy Howard for Raw Nervz, 1994.

Among her many talents, Ruby's unique watercolor and oil paintings sold to private collectors, her delicate and sometimes humorous and imaginary ink sketches illustrating "The Swan's Wings (a renku with Grant Savage, 1995), Raw Nervz postcards for Haiku Canada as well as other poets' collections. 

Success, however, never changed this beautiful and gracious woman's modest, kind demeanor. Ever ready to help and encourage others, Ruby shall be long remembered for her generous, loving spirit and for her many and special gifts.

Ruby is sadly missed by her four children, several grandchildren, her beloved companion, Grant Savage, and by those fortunate enough to know her personally or through her elegant creative works.

since we parted
only silent emptiness
full of the moon

floating on the lake
broken pieces

                Ruby Spriggs - Wind Five Folded: An Anthology of English-Language Tanka, edited by
                                       Werner and Jane Reichhold, Aha Books, 1994 

Excerpt of Ruby from full photo of Haiku Canada 1992 meeting seen later in this memorial sequence

 Haiku and Tanka by Ruby Spriggs

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