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Ruby Spriggs In Memorium

                               Tanka by   Grant Savage

                                                                                             Photograph, Courtesy of Grant Savage

       the swans made love
    their image on the surface
      and beneath the water
        broken by passion 
          and the spring breezes

            so soon gone
            so soon over
       the image of the swans
       carried away by love
           carried away by water

        the swan glides across
           its surface image
           its wings unfold
         unfolding memory
         with reflections of its own

           yellowing reeds
       briefly the swans' necks
         form a heart shape
         alone i watch them
              remembering us

         the swans are mirrored
     by water knowing their love
         having once drowned
         i gaze within my gaze
           my mind turning to you

       swans paired with themselves
            a tale repeated by love
           and memory like water
               you and i again
               and again in that mirror

                gathering milkweed
       wind carries some of the seed
                     into the river
           while some becomes lost
              in your strands of white hair


 Tributes in memory of Ruby Spriggs

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