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         December 2001:

          BAKER, WINONA: “a fine September” – Timepieces, 1994;
          “first dream – alive” – Frogpond Vol. 20:1; “abandoned farm”
          - Albatross, Vol. 6:1

          HALL, CAROLYN: “in the wake” -  Modern Haiku,
          Vol. XXXI:2, 2000; “restless night” - from "A Crow Not
          Settled" in stone frog:  American Haibun & Haiga, Vol.2,
          Red Moon Press, 2001; “daguerreotypes” - Blithe Spirit,
          Vol. II:2, 2001

          KARKOW, KIRSTY: “cold snap—“ - Pine Island Journal
          of New England poetry Vll 2001;  “calm morning” – Acorn,
          Issue #7;

          KIMMEL, LARRY: “through a haze” and “where the small lake”
          - both from his collection, “alone tonight,” Winfred Press, 1998

          WISDOM, JOHN: “moonlit pier” – Modern Haiku,
          Vol. XXXII:2, Summer, 2001

September 2001:
COHEN, MARTIN: “crescent moon” - Moments,
April 15, 2001

COLÓN, CARLOS: “competing with the priest”;
“Japanese lanterns”; and “farmer pointing the way”
– from the linked poem "Competing with the Priest,"
written with Alexis K. Rotella, Lynx XV:3, 2000

DJURBABIC, SVETOMIR: “A gypsy boy” - Special
Recognition Award, Haiku Headlines, USA 1999;
“Dark shelter – “Anthology "A Piece of the Sky",
Prague 1999; “Peacock's tail” – Azami,  No 44,
Japan 1997

HALL, CAROLYN: “asking directions: - Acorn No.
5, 2000; “clay path” - from "A Crow Not Settled"
in "stone frog: American Haibun & Haiga",  Vol. 2,
Red Moon Press, 2001; “mammogram waiting
room” – Paperclips,  Press Here, Foster City CA, 2001

KARKOW, KIRSTY: “blue sky” - Frogpond xxiv:2;
“still morning” - haijinx vol.1 issue 2

KOLOMPAR, ANGELIKA: “Green and white lanterns”
- Asahi Evening News, Tokyo, Japan, February 17, 200l;
 “grey sea and sky” - temp livres- free times, Favourite of
the week,  Dec. 25, 2000

NOYES, H.F.: “hazy headwaters” - Mainichi, June 6,
2001 (issue No. 624)

RISTIC, DRAGAN  J: “lights out" - Anthology of
Southeastern European Haiku Poetry "Knots" edited
by Jim Kacian (USA) and Dimitar Anakiev (Slovenija),
1999; "seller's thundering voice" HM, HIA 1999 Competition,
selected by Tsunehiko Hoshino

SPANYER, S.R.: “first light” - NZPS Anthology 2000

ST JACQUES, ELIZABETH: all from “echoes all strung out”
maplebud press, 1989

February 2001:

BAKER, WINONA: “Egypt disappoints” -
Haiku Canada Newsletter, Vol. XIII:1, 1999
and her collection, “Even A Stone Breathes:
Haiku and Senryu”- oolichan books, 2000;
“hunter's moon” -  Herb Barrett Award
anthology of winners, "Through the Spirea,"
1999 and her collection, “Even A Stone
Breathes: Haiku and Senryu” oolichan books,
2000; “snowflakes  fill” Amelia, and her collection,
“Moss-Hung Trees: Haiku of the West Coast” -
Reflections Press, 1992 (available only from the
author at <>)

CLAUSEN, TOM: all from his haiku and
tanka collection, “Homework” – Snapshot
Press, 2000

ESCAREAL,  JUANITO: “end of the day“
-Fuyoh/Rose Mallow Haiku Quarterly (Japan),
Issue # 43, 1999 and “sunset” - Fuyoh/Rose Mallow
Haiku Quarterly (Japan), Issue # 42,1999

HALL, CAROLYN: “cloudless sky” - 2000 San
Francisco International Haiku Contest, HM;
“wind in the canopy” - Blithe Spirit 10:3, 2000;
“dog day afternoon”  - Modern Haiku XXXI:3 (2000)

LYLES, PEGGY: “attic sun” - Chiyo's Corner #4,
Spring 2000.

KOLOMPAR, ANGELIKA: “grey sea and sky”
- temp livres/free times, Favourite of the week,
Dec. 25, 2000

ST JACQUES, ELIZABETH: “now just a line” - “On
The Edge” (solo haiku folder)– pawEprint, June 2000;
“home from hospital” and  “still night pond” - Herb
Barrett 1999 Haiku Contest winners’ anthology,
“Sweeping Leaves”

September 2001:

DUTTON, DENNIS: “Not even” - RAW NerVZ, Vol: VI:4, 2000

       March 2001:

       CLAUSEN, TOM: “she has twice” – black bough


        November 2001:

       MALITO, GIOVANNI: “I’ve stayed in my room all my life”
         and “Feeling clever, I branched out” – Sijo West #3, 1997

         GROSS, LARRY: “I’ll admit it isn’t your fault”
         - Sijo West, #5, 1998; “Bark on the oak in the backyard”
         and “I bring him water in the field” – Sijo West #2, 1996

         and  THE TAO OF DEW, Sijo West #5, 1998

         ST JACQUES, ELIZABETH: “Oh to know the languages”
         —from her sijo collection, Around The Tree of Light,
         Maplebud Press, Revised Edition, 1997

          February 2001:

          ST JACQUES, ELIZABETH: all from “Passages to
          Light,” a linked sijo with Jane Logan, Sijo West #5, 1998
          (slightly revised)