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SANDERS, LEWIS: Former Editor of The Red
Pagoda, A Journal and American Association
of Haiku. Haiku published in Dragonfly, A
Quarterly of Haiku, Frogpond, Modern Haiku,
Brussels Sprouts, Ko, Parnassus, A Literary
Journal, Virtual Image, Lynx. Lewis has written
several renga with  Carl Brennan.  Lewis Sanders

SAVER, MERRY: a high school English teacher and
occasional novice haiku poet in Glendale, Arizona.
Merry’s haiku have appeared in Jane Reichhold’s AHA
site and have earned awards there.  M. Saver

SHEIRER, JOHN: teaches writing and public speaking
full-time at Asnuntuck Community-Technical College in
Enfield, CT, USA, and part-time in the Graduate Liberal
Studies Program at Wesleyan University in Middletown,
CT, USA. His poems have appeared in more than 250
literary journals since 1982, and he is the author of seven
collections of poetry, primarily haiku, senryu, and tanka.
He is also the editor and publisher of Tiny Poems Press,
which focuses on haiku and related poetry.
 John Sheirer   Website:   JOHN SHEIRER'S HOMEPAGE

SMITH, KEVIN: a law professor at The University of
Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee.  Although he has written
extensively on law-related topics, he began writing haiku in
April 2000.  Kevin Smith

SMITH, NANCY S.: lives in Athens and is a
poet and her children's mother, "be they poems
of flesh or pen", Nancy did not PLOP into the
pond of poetry. She says she "rather slid in with
a small jingle at age 12 (a year of two after I learned
to read, then began school)." She adds, "I am honored
to sail forth few haiku  here into Elizabeth’s light.
If you read haiku magazines you will occasionally
see me there, over the years. Sometimes with honors,
sometimes not.  Nancy S. Smith

SPANYER, S. R.: lives in Louisville, KY.  He has an
MA in German languages and literature. A featured
reader at Twice Told Coffeehouse, where his haiku
and senryu have won two local SLAM!s, he is a
member of two workshops, the Kentucky Writers'
Coalition, and the HSA.  He enjoyed a residency at
the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts in Mount
St. Francis, IN, in May 1998 and received a mini-grant
from the Kentucky Arts Council in July 1999.  His poetry
has appeared or is scheduled for publication in Frogpond,
Cicada, Haiku Headlines, Woodnotes, Tundra, the
Piedmont Literary Review, Modern Haiku, Point Judith
Light, Japanophile, South by Southeast, RAW NerVZ,
Ko, Acorn, and Still as well as online at Virtual Bardstown
Road.  The selections in Haiku Light are from his
Afterthoughts, a work in progress.   S.R. Spanyer

SPRIGGS, RUBY: of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ruby's haiku,
tanka and renga can be found in leading journals and anthologies,
including Erotic Haiku, Anthos, The Haiku Handbook, The
Canadian Haiku Anthology, Round Renga Round, Tanka
Splendor, Haiku Moment, The Haiku Hundred, How to Write and
Publish Poetry, and Four Seasons.  Ruby has earned a number of
awards and served as editor for Haiku Canada Newsletter (1990 -
1992), and as co-editor with Dorothy Howard for Raw Nervz, 1994.
Regretfully, Ruby (also a talented artist) died in 2001.

STANFORD, SUE:  Sue Stanford

STEVENSON, JOHN (49) is from Ithaca, New York and
currently lives in the Albany, New York area (Village of
Nassau).  He has a son, James (14) and a goddaughter,
Seneca (5). Employed as an administrator by the New
York State Office of Mental Health, his personal
interests include Playback Theatre and poetry.  Member
of the Haiku Society of America (1993), Haiku Poets of
Northern California (1995), Yuki Teikei Haiku Society
(1996), HSA Northeast Metro Regional Coordinator
(1995, 1996), HSA Members* Anthology Editor
(1997), South by Southeast Book Review Editor (1997).
 John Stevenson

STEVENSON, RICHARD: an established Canadian
poet with twelve full length books and a number of
chapbooks to his credit, but  he says he seldom
writes short things in the imagist/haiku/senryu/
tanka tradition. His most recent books include A
Murder of Crows: New & Selected Poems (Black
Moss Press, 1998 ); Nothing Definite Yeti (YA verse,
Ekstasis Editions, 1999 ). His twelfth book, “Live
Evil: A Homage To Miles Davis” ( Thistledown Press,
2000 ) is now available. Richard says, “I'm still
sloggin' away in the trenches at Lethbridge
Community College, teaching Canadian Literature,
Creative Writing, Business Communication, and
starting next semester , Children's Literature."
Richard Stevenson

STEYN, MARIA:lives in South Africa with her husband,
young daughter, two collies, two cats and a variety of wild
garden birds.  As a student, she had poetry published in the
university's literary magazine, won a poetry competition,
and became editor of the student magazine for literature. She
attained an honors degree in Philosophy and then furthered
her studies to become a teacher. After a few years of teaching
in Soweto and various independent private schools, and some
more years raising a small child, she has taken up writing
again in 1999.  She has a passion for poetry, the fine arts,
music, children, books and nature. Her poetry has appeared in
the Templar Phoenix Literary Review, The Heron's Nest, Haiku
Harvest and Haiku Light.  Chameleon

STOLLER, NECA: lives in south Georgia. She and Laura
Young earned the Grand Prize in the Haiku Society of
America 1997 Renku Contest for their collaborative work
"The Turkey's Wattle."  Neca has published two poetry
journals "Bound by Red Clay," "Piedmont Stubble," and
an instructional book for teachers, "How to Write Haiku."

SUZUKI, RYOSUKE: Email: Ryosuki Suzuki


TAYLOR, JAMES C.: co-editor Persimmon,  retired
administrator Detroit Public Schools. Haiku lover. Adult
Ed. Student at Pewabic Pottery whose work is displayed
in the Detroit area.   JaMaTay

TAYLOR, MARY C.: co-editor Persimmon, a haiku
semiannual. Rare  book seller (semiretired), t.a.. (no longer)
Wayne State University English Dept. Has taught haiku in
Grosse Pointe, MI community ed., and the MIchigan Prison
Program. Been a reader at Wayne State's Poetry Forum. Will
read from Persimmon, May 1998 at the Detroit Public Library.
Translates Italian novels, former co-editor of Triage.

TEBO, CINDY: a Missouri native, Cindy has worked as a sales
representative for TWA for the past ten years. Her poetry has
appeared most recently in Frogpond and American Tanka.
Cindy Tebo

TIPTON, JAMES: lives in the canyons of western Colorado
where he keeps bees and writes poems. His poems have
appeared in Haiku, Cicada, Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Mayfly,
Woodnotes, Lynx and in various English-language haiku
anthologies including The Haiku Anthology (Doubleday, 1974),
The Haiku Handbook (McGraw Hill, 1985), The Haiku Anthology
(Simon & Schuster, 1986), and The Haiku Handbook (Kodansha,
1989), and in a collection, Bittersweet (Cold Mountain Press
1975). James has recently completed a senryu collection, Finding
Her Dark Hair on the Blue Pillow, and is currently completing a
tanka collection, All the Horses of Heaven.

TODD, MICHAEL: lives in Schomberg, Ontario, Canada.
He recently took up writing haiku again after many years.
Michael has always been a fan of the short poems whether
they be Yeats' or Pound's work. He says, "I don't know what
it is, but all my work has tended to be very imagistic and
short. Perhaps I like the way haiku are resistant to meaning. I like
this quote by Barthes on the subject of haiku: '[For in haiku] it's
always the same problem: to keep meaning from taking hold, but
without abandoning meaning, under the threat of falling into the
worst meaning, non-meaning." Michael is editor of Profiles Magazine.
 Michael Todd