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REICHHOLD, JANE: Founder of AHA Books Publishing
Company, 1987. Publisher of Mirrors - International Haiku
Forum, a magazine distributed worldwide 1988-1995. Editor
of Geppo, the periodical for the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society
of United States and Canada, 1991-1994. Co-editor of LYNX,
a journal of renga and tanka since 1992. Editor of "Poet Tree"
of the COAST, Gualala, CA. Author of 20 poetry collections
and co-author of 3 others. Twice winner of the Museum
of Haiku Literature Award (Tokyo). Three-time winner
of an HSA Merit Book Award: Tigers In A Teacup, Silence,
and A Dictionary of Haiku. Winner of numerous haiku
awards, including second place in the 1987 JAL contest
and the Itoen Tea Company Award, Japan.  Jane Reichhold
Website: AHA! POETRY

RISTIC, DRAGAN J.: born in 1948 in Nis, Serbia, Yugoslavia,
Dragan is a teacher of German language and a literature translator
(many books, the most important being "Anthology of the shortest
German stories," Belgrade 1993.) Writes short stories and haiku.
Books: "From the Diary of an Haijin", Prosveta,Nis, 1995;
"Having an Obsession," senryu, Punta, Nis 2000. Since 1996 he
is Editor in chief of haiku magazine "Haiku novine." His haiku, senryu,
haibun, and renga have appeared in Yugoslav haiku magazines and
collections in Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland,
Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Greece, Slovenia, Holland,
Czechy, Norway and France. Presented in: "Haiku World" edited by
W.J.Higginson, USA 1997; "Rabengekraechze" Ingo Cesaro,
Germany 1998; German DHG Anthology "Haiku 1998: "Knots"
Anthology of Southeastern European Haiku Poetry, edited by D.
Anakiev and J.Kacian 1999; "A Piece of  the Sky: Haiku from an
air-raid shelter, Edited by Dimitar Anakiev, Prague 1999;
"Groschenge fallen" Ingo Cesaro, Germany 2000; "An Exchange
of Gifts," New Zealand Poetry Society annual anthology 2001. Most
important haiku awards: First Prize on AZAMI's Spring Haiku Contest
(Japan 1997), Highly Commended, James Hackett Award (England
1997), Award of Special Recognition, Haiku Headlines (USA 1997),
First Prize on ITALIAN Spring Contest 1999, Honourable Mentions,
HIA Haiku Contest (Japan 1999), The Inspirational Award, ASHIA
Haiku Festa (Japan1999), First Prize on The 34th A-Bomb Day
Memorial Haiku Meeting (Japan 2000), Certificate for Merit, Japan
Society on Water Environment (Japan 2001), Honourable Mentions,
Kaji Aso Contest (USA 2001)   Dragan J. Ristic

ROHRIG, CAROLYNE: lives in Northern California with
her husband, two teenagers, a beagle, and a mustached
parakeet.  She is a freelance newspaper writer when she
is not walking the hound, but her greatest love is haiku.
She discovered the pleasures of haiku in 1997 while surfing
the net and she's never turned back. Carolyne's work has
been published in *frogpond*, Black Bough, Geppo, and
Poetalk.  Pending publications are Canadian Writer's Journal,
Modern Haiku, Tundra, and Piedmont Literary Review.
 Carolyne Rohrig

RONAN: A philosophy major graduate, University of
Chicago. Before retirement, she taught English, psychology
and algebra  in high schools and colleges. When enjoying
the outdoors or listening to music, she finds the impetus
to try to mold feelings/ideas/observations into words that
sometimes become a haiku or tanka. She says, "They are,
for me, the result of enjoying moments of deep focus on
 'divine details.' "  Since 1980, her haiku/senryu and
tanka have appeared in numerous publications, including
Modern Haiku, Lynx and American Tanka.  Ronan