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OLD PAJAMAS: lives with his wife, Barbara, and three children,
Tommy, Rebecca, and Little Ray. He says, "Behind our home
are three paths leading to the river, where you'll find the Blue
Cottage, where i was raised. Like many places, it evokes many
potent memories. I was the last of my family to live there; at
times, it houses very special guests. Neither Barbara nor I have
been taken over by our work (whatever that happens to be), so
she plans activities with the kids while I roam around, mostly
without purpose. In May, I will be handlining with live herring,
out of my skinboat for large striped bass. I do some wool spinning
and weaving, and on calm days push it in my racing canoe. The
little ones and their Mama swim in the river's deep sections. I lie
on the bank, wondering about stuff.  Old Pyjamas

OSTERHAUS, MARK ALAN: reading and writing haiku
since 1981. His first haiku was published in Modern Haiku
in 1986; he is now a regular contributor to Modern Haiku
and Frogpond. Mark's work is also published in many
other haiku journals and anthologies.  A frequent
contributor to the Shiki Internet Mailing List, much of
Mark's work is included in various internet haiku web
sites. Mark's first haiku book, "When Glaciers Melt",
will be published in 1998. Currently, Mark is the owner
of a marketing &graphic arts business, and he has just
started a business dedicated to small press publishing
and game design and publishing. As a martial arts
enthusiast, Mark earned his Tae Kwon Ko Black Belt
in 1995. Mark is married and has two teenage children.
Mark Alan Osterhaus

OVERMIRE, LAURENCE: an actor/director/writer
who has worked on stage, film and television, Laurence
hails from Columbus, OH.  A newcomer to haiku, his
poetry has been or will be published in Kimera, The
Penwood Review, Nuthouse, Lynx Eye, Emotions,
Angelflesh, Maelstrom, The Laire, Uprising, Office
Number One, Superior Poetry News, Main Street Rag
Poetry Journal, Children, Churches and Daddies, Short
North Gazette, Nomad's Choir, Improvijazzation Nation,
The Writer's Exchange, Over the Back Fence Magazine,
Niederngasse, Apples and Oranges/Oranges and Apples,
Pegasus, Blind Man's Rainbow, Wings, L'Intrigue,
Mobius, Footprints, Vol. No. Magazine, Some Words:
A Place for Poetry, Shadyvale Magazine, Transcendant
Visions, Art Villa, Bonfire, Unlikely Stories, Webstatic,
Ixion, Barbaric Yawp, Ygdrasil, Aileron, Horsethief's
Journal and others.   Larry Overmire

OWEN, W.F.: a Professor of Communication for 18 years,
Bill is well published in the area of interpersonal interaction
(about 30 academic journal publications). He also has been an
Associate Editor for six academic journals. He has haiku in
print or in press with: acorn, Modern Haiku, frogpond and
Haiku Headlines. He recently won second place in a haiku
contest sponsored by the e-zine Inscriptions.  W.F. Owen


PARKS, ZANE: Email:  Zane Parks

PORAD, FRANCINE: lives, writes and paints in the Seattle,
Washington area. Former President of the Haiku Society
of America; editor for eight years of Brussels Sprout, an
international journal of haiku and art.There are sixteen
collections of Porad's published work. Her haiku are in
current issues of publications in the U.S., Canada, England,
Croatia, Australia, Romania and Japan; in many
anthologies, including Haiku Moment,Charles E Tuttle,
1993), and Haiku World: An International Poetry
Almanac (Kodansha, 1996). Francine is a frequent guest
lecturer, an award winner, and has juried many national
and international haiku /senryu/ tanka competitions.
Francine Porad

PRIME, PATRICIA: born in England, Patricia migrated to
New Zealand in 1973. A teacher, she is completing a degree
in English and Education She is a member of The New
Zealand Poetry Society and is New Zealand editor of the
American magazine Slugfest. Her articles, reviews,
poetry and haiku have been published extensively In
the small press and in anthologies, including Catching
the Light, the shortcut home, The World Poetry
Anthology, and others. She has recently contributed an
essay on New Zealand women poets (Pakeha and Maori)
for a special edition of Language Forum India. Currently
she is working on articles on contemporary Indian/English
poets, Australian poetry, and is preparing a book of haiku
with two other poets. Working with women and their
families is the main area of interest.