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MACHMILLER, PATRICIA J joined the Yuki Teikei
Haiku Society when it was organized in 1975 as a
branch of the Yukuharu Society, Japan. She has been a
student of Kiyoshi and Kiyoko Tokutomi up until
Kiyoshi's death. She has continued her haiku study
under the guidance of Kiyoko. She is a past president
of the Society. In 1997 with other members of the Society
she traveled to Japan where she visited and wrote with
Japanese haiku and renku poets. For the past two years
she has coordinated the annual Yuki Teikei Haiku Society
Autumn Retreat held at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA. She
and Jerry Ball write a column of haiku commentary
published in the GEPPO.   Patricia Machmiller

MacNEIL, PAUL: B.A., M.A., (A.N., Amateur Naturalist),
lives in Florida, USA.  A widower, he is retired from retail
business.  Paul's teenage daughter lets him use her computer.
The yellow pads are his own. Some of his images are from The
Great North Woods particularly Maine and Ontario, Canada.
His haiku, haibun, renku and tanka are published variously by
Modern Haiku, Acorn, Haiku Canada, and principally on the
Internet at The Heron's Nest, Poetry in the Light, and Haiga
Online. Paul is an Associate Editor of the print and web haiku
monthly: The Heron's Nest. He was a double winner of the 2000
Snapshot Haiku Calendar Competition. Together with his partners,
The Haiku Society of America awarded him both Grand Prize and
Second Place in the 2000 Einbond Renku Competition. He earned
Honorable Mention in the same contest in 1999.  Paul MacNeil
For haiku to The Heron's Nest:  Paul MacNeil, Assoc. Ed.

MAIR, CATHERINE: Since 1989 Catherine's haiku have
appeared regularly in the N.Z. Poetry Society's annual
publications and in many haiku journals throughout the
world. In June 1990, Caterpillar, a book of haiku verse was
hunched. In 1993 her work appeared m New Zealand's first
haiku anthology. In 1994, as an invited speaker at the haiku
Festival in Romania she delivered a paper entitled Exploring
Renku and appeared on Romanian television. In 1995 she
edited the first issue of the haiku-focused journal winterSPIN.
In l996 she was one of three major award winners in the
Whitireia Poetry competition and co-hosted the first Into She
Light poetry festival in Tauranga. A selection of Catherine's
haiku has been published on the internet. An essay has been
prepared about Catherine's work for publication in Language
Forum (Calcutta.) 1998 A short story has been selected for
inclusion in "Adhere 100 New Zealand Short Short Stories",
which has been published by Tandem Press, April I 998 and
another story has been accepted by Takahe magazine. A wide
selection of Catherine's haiku will be published in the second
New Zealand Haiku Anthology which is due out this year.
Meanwhile Catherine's poems and haiku are appearing in
journals worldwide and she has been involved with the
organization of the second poetry festival in Tauranga, Bay
of Plenty, New Zealand where shadow-patches, an anthology
of haiku including her own work and a selection of haibun by
Janice Bostok (Australia),and Bernard Gadd (New Zealand),
was launched. In the Fall of 1998, Les Editions David will be
publishing ten of Catharine's haiku in Anthology of haiku,
edited by Mr Andre Duhaime. Catherine is currently co-
editing the fourth issue of winterSPlN. Catherine Mair

MANN, JOY HEWITT: a haiku and tanka poet for five years,
concentrating mostly on the traditional form. Joy is primarily
a freeverse poet with the ability to create in the center of her
busy noisy, world. For the creation of haiku and tanka, however,
she needs absolute solitude, something very rare with a household
of six, and therefore her output has been very small. What work
she has produced has appeared in black bough, Modern Haiku,
Raw Nervz, Lynx and Cicada.  In 1995 she was one of the 19
international winners of the Splendor Tanka Awards. She is the
editor of a bi-monthly writers' newsletter and life member of the
Valley Writers' Guild. When not writing she runs a junkstore in
Spencerville, Ontario, Canada.  Joy Hewitt Mann

MARIANO, THELMA:a winner of the International Tanka
Splendor Awards in 1999 and 2000, Thelma has published
tanka in North America, England and Japan.She lives in
Montreal, Canada close to the rapids of the St. Lawrence
River, an area that attracts migratory birds and a great
source of inspiration for her poetry. Thelma Mariano

MARTIN, JOHN lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He is
an alumnus of the universities of Auckland and Massey.
He publishes and edits Scriptio, the poetry periodical of
the Auckland Chevron Poets. His poems have been
published in England,  Canada, USA, Australia and New
Zealand. John Martin

MASTEN, RIC: born in Carmel, California, in 1929.  He has
toured extensively over the last thirty years, reading his poetry
in well over 400 colleges and universities in North America,
Canada, and England.  He is a well-known conference theme
speaker and is a regular on many television and radio talk shows.
He lives with his poet-wood carver wife Billie Barbara in the Big
Sur mountains.  He has 13 books to his credit. (see
 Ric Masten

McINTIRE, SUZANNE: lives in Nashville, TN
and works for the Metropolitan Nashville Police
Department in the Identification Section.  She will
be a psychology graduate student this spring (2000).
Her haiku will appear in the Heron's Nest in June
and July and in Modern Haiku's Fall issue. Suzanne

McKINNON, JACK. Born 1951 San Francisco. Became
interested in Japanese culture while Uchi Deshi (house
student) at Aikido West in Redwood City, received
Shodan in 1985. Moved out of the Dojo in 1987. Began
working as a gardener for Sunset Magazine 1987. Met
Christopher Herold and began writing haiku around 1992.
Continues to garden for Sunset and studies Landscape
Architecture at U.C.Berkeley Extension. Married and lives
in a wonderful cabin surrounded by redwoods in La Honda
California. Jack McKinnon

McLEOD, DONALD E. has been writing and publishing
haiku and senryu since 1986.  His work has won numerous
awards including 2nd place in The Haiku Society of
America's best book awards (1987) for his Small Town/Big
City.  McLeod is a professional mime artist, and is known
to many as the gorilla in the famous American Tourister
Luggage Ads.  He lives in Los Angeles. John E. McLeod

MILL, SUE: now lives in Queensland, Australia, and has
been writing haiku for about seven years. With her husband,
she travelled for six months in Europe with a baby and a
toddler, then travelled around Australia in a caravan and
later lived on a trimaran for three and a half years. It was after
she became more settled that she took up writing. She
progressed through short story writing and free verse to haiku.
Her first publication was in Mainichi Daily News. Since then
she has been published in eight other countries, was runner
up in the first World Haiku Club competition and was third in
the 5th International Shiki Salon haiku competition. Sue
belongs to Paper Wasp, a small but dedicated group that meets
once a month. Paper Wasp produces a self-named quarterly
haiku magazine. She is currently involved with the newly
formed Australian Haiku Society, HaikuOz, as Publications Officer.

MOON, CHRISTINA: Has been writing off & on for many years,
but new to Haiku.  Mother of 5 grown & 4 grandchildren.
Chrstina lives in the woods and finds that Nature is
both a friend & teacher.  She is a hospice nurse. Christina Moon

MOORE, LENARD D.: a poet, fiction writer, playwright,
cultural and literary critic, and teacher, Lenard was born
in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1958. He is the author
of three volumes of poetry: Desert Storm: A Brief History
(1993), Forever Home (1992), and The Open Eye (1985).
His poems have appeared in many anthologies and magazines,
including Poetry Canada Review, Agni, and The Midwest
Quarterly.  His honors include a Tar Heel of the Week Award,
an Indies Arts Award, Alumni Achievement Award, two
Haiku Museum of Tokyo Awards, a Harold G. Henderson
Award, and a Margaret Walker Creative Writing Award.
He is Executive Chairman of the North Carolina Haiku Society.
He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he teaches world
literature and English at Shaw University.   Lenard D. Moore

MORDEN, MATT: lives in rural West Wales where he
works as a lecturer at a local Community College. He has
been interested in haiku for the past eight years since
discovering the British Haiku Society.  His haiku and renga
have appeared in UK magazines including Blithe Spirit,
Presence and Snapshots. Forthcoming publications include
poems in Modern Haiku and Lynx. As a learner of the Welsh
language, he hopes one day to write haiku "yn Gymraeg".
 Matt Morden


NICOLAY, SCOTT: a high school English teacher on the
sovereign Navajo Nation, where he lives with his wife and three
children. Born in New Jersey, Scott lived in New Mexico for eleven
years, and taught Navajo students for the the last ten of those years.
During that time, he founded the world's first high school poetry slam
team (all Navajo) which went on to win three state titles and came in a
close second in last year's National High School Poetry Slam
Championships (the team is featured in the upcoming PBS documentary
_Poetic License_). Scott’s translations of modern Japanese tanka (done
together with Sumiko Hamlow) appear regularly in the Tanka Journal.
 Scott Nicolay

NOYES, (Tom) H.F.: A retired New York psychologist now
residing in Greece, Tom has earned a world-wide recognition
as a respected haiku poet and a frequently published writer
on the aesthetics of this genre. His work has been published
in Japan, China, Romania, Croatia, Canada, England and New
Zealand, is included in a number of world anthologies and
has earned numerous awards. Author of My Rain, My Moon,
1983; Star Carvings, 1983; The Blossoming Rudder, 1984-87;
Just Floating Here, 1992; and Between Two Waves, 1996. Tom
has also published several enlightening volumes of Favorite Haiku,
published by and available from Red Moon Press.