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KACIAN, JIM: owner of Red Moon Press, editor-in-chief
of The Red Moon Anthology series, editor of Frogpond,
and author of Presents of Mind, Katsura Press, 1996,
Honorable Mention in the 1996 Merit Book Awards.
Chincoteague earned the 1996 Cicada Chapbook
Award. Six Directions is due out in late February 1998
from La Alameda Press, Albuquerque NM. Jim  also
writes other forms of poetry and fiction, and is a
composer and tennis professional.  Jim Kacian

karkow, kirsty: born in 1937 in London, England
and grew up between the British West Indies
and a ranch her mother had homesteaded in Arizona.
kirsty says she has done a lot of interesting things,
none of which were poetry- except reading a lot of
it as a young girl. She was suddenly grabbed by the
haiku bug as the turn of this Millenium and has
been obsessed ever since. This quickly led to tanka
and sijo. kirsty has been posting and submitting her
work to find out how and where she fits in, where
to go and how to develop. She says, “There is so
much opportunity and information in cyberspace
that, being greedy, I don't know where to stop, or
when." kirsty karkow

KETCHEK, MICHAEL: lives in Rochester NY with his
wife, Penel and son, Alex who is eight. Michael says he
is a life long Yankee fan and hiker who prefers dark beer.
Michael reports that he was introduced to haiku by his
third grade teacher in the Rochester Public schools. In
the past 15 years, his haiku, senryu, haibun and tanka
have appeared in numerous publications.  Michael Ketchek

KHALSA, NOOR SINGH, 45, born in Louisville, Kentucky
and grew up in the Ohio valley. An electronic engineer, he
lives in a Sikh community near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
He teaches yoga classes, study martial arts, and likes to
cook, which is good because his teenaged twin boys
eat their weight in food each day. Noor's  favorite poets
are Tagore, Rumi, Kabir, and Guru Nanak (whom he reads
in the original Gurmuki but can't understand without
footnotes). Besides haiku, he is interested in the ghazal,
early 20th century spanish-writing poets (Jimenez, Otrero,
Dario, Lorca). When Noor is not writing poetry, he likes to
hike or bike, and sometimes teaches  Bhangra (Punjabi folk
dance). Noor Singh Khalsa

KILBY, HOWARD LEE: BA University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1979.
Howard joined HSA in 1993 and attended Haiku Chicago in 1995.
He was appointed South Region Coordinator in January 1997.
Organized Arkansas Haiku Society in May 1997. November 1997,
first South Region Conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Attended
national business meeting in Washington, DC in December1997
and Hot Springs was selected as site for June 1998 HSA quarterly
meeting. August 1998 visited Dee Evetts in New York City to learn
from the Master how to do the HSA secretary's duties. Elected HSA
secretary in November 1998. Served as HSA secretary 1999.
Howard Lee Kilby

KIMMEL, LARRY: born in 1940, in Johnstown, PA.  He holds
degrees from Oberlin Conservatory and Pittsburgh University,
and has worked at everything from steel mills to libraries. He
has been publishing poetry for the past twenty-five years and
has four collections of poetry, "Light Across the River"; "Pedal
Point"; "alone tonight (haiku & tanka)"; and "the inadequacy
of long-stemmed roses (cherita)"; as well as novel, "A Small
Silent Ordeal.  All are distributed by Winfred Press and are
available from the author. For some years now, Larry has been
living quietly with his wife in the hills of western Massachusetts.
 Larry Kimmel

KLONTZ, JOANN: In addition to appearing in these pages , Joann
has had poems published in Acorn, American Tanka, Bottle Rockets,
Frogpond, Haiku Canada, Haiku Headlines, Lynx, Modern Haiku,
Raw Nervz, and The Heron's Nest. Some of her haiku are included
in the anthologies, Bridge Traffic, The Scarecrow, The 1999 Red
Moon Anthology, the thin curve and The Best of the Electronic
Poetry Network. Her Haiku Canada sheet is appropriately titled,
off balance. She's been one of the ten winners of the People's
Poetry Contest for the past three years, a runner-up in the still
award competition (spring 2000), received three Tanka Splendor
2000 awards and a 2nd hm in the 1999 HPNC tanka contest. Her
poetry affiliations include membership in The Haiku Society of
America, Haiku Canada, The Tanka Society of America and The
Nicholas Virgilio Haiku Society. At home in New Jersey, Joann
spends quiet moments with her family on their acre of land and
looks forward to reaching the age of eligibility to join Elderhostel.
Joann graciously served as Assoc. Editor of Haiku Light for the
February edition, 2001.   Joann Klontz

KOCJANCIC, DARJA: born in Ljubljana, Slovenija in 1964,
Darja has worked as a secretary of a students’ radio station
and newspaper, a secretary of a larger firm, and a book store
salesclerk. Presently works in a photolab as a cameraman, as
well as being employed with a bank. Since childhood, Darja has
been interested in photography and writing. Although introduced
to haiku at 17 years old, Darja did not attempt to write the form
until 34 years of age. A current member of the Haiku Club of
Slovenija and the Haiku Balkan Group. Darja still resides in
Ljubljana with her daughter and supports the education of poor
children. Darja Kocjancic   Darja Kocjancic

KRISCHUS, ANN: living in a rural area in the U.S., Ann
says “I am blessed with a lot of material for haiku. I write
haiku to take note of all the little miracles I find in nature.”
Her first haiku was published in "Temps Libres". Ann Krischus
Website: HOMEBASE for people who care about the Environment


LALIBERTE-CAREY, LORI: a haiku enthusiast since
the fall  of 1995. Originally from Western Massachusetts,
she is a stay-at-home mother in Tucker, Georgia. Her haiku
have been published in Acorn, Chiyo’s Corner, Frogpond,
HAIGA Online, haijinx, The Heron’s Nest, Mayfly, Modern
Haiku, The Red Moon Anthology, 1999, South by Southeast
and the World Haiku Wall. She won and placed in the 2000
Snapshot Haiku Calendar Competition, and placed in the 2001
Snapshot Haiku Calendar Competition. Lori also writes rengay
and experiments with haibun. She is an organizer and member
of PINECONE, the North Georgia Haiku Society. With her
husband Jim and their two children, she enjoys gardening,
hiking and camping. She relishes cooking and eating good food,
and wonders how many more pastimes she can juggle. A selection
of Lori’s work can be seen at WORLD HAIKU ASSOCIATION
Lori Lalibert-Carey

LAMB, ELIZABETH SEARLE: Since 1977, she has made
her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Born in 1917 in Kansas
Elizabeth planned a life as a harpist but when marrying
tropical forester Bruce Lamb, which took them to Central
and South America, she turned to the typewriter for a
creative outlet. In 1961, after moving to New York City,
she was writing and publishing mainly prose when she
discovered haiku. In 1963, American Haiku, the first American
haiku magazine, began to publish her haiku. On October 23
1968, she participated at the first meeting of the Haiku
Society of America and became a charter member. Editor
of Frogpond from 1984 to 1990, and 1994, Elizabeth has
written critical works, earned numerous awards, has
been widely published, translated and frequently anthologized.
She donated her extensive collection of haiku materials to the
new American Haiku Archive in California State Library in
Sacramento, CA and, in July 1996, she became the first
honorary curator. Her haiku collections: Ripples Spreading
Out, Tiny Poems Press; The Light of Elizabeth Lamb,
translated and published in Chinese, Haiping Gong, China,
and Winner Press, Hong Kong,  1993; Casting Into A Cloud:
Southwest Haiku, From Here, 1985; lines for my mother,
dying , Wind Chimes, 1988; 39 Blossoms, High/Coo,
1982; Picasso's 'Bust of Sylvette', Garlinghouse, 1977;
in this blaze of sun , From Here, 1975.

LANE, LOUISE: a computer science student at Laurentian
University, Louise spends most hours trying to be logical.
The remaining minutes are split between family and writing.
She lives in Sudbury, Ontario with her husband Derek, two
cats and a house full of dreams.  Louise Lane

LEIBMAN, KENNETH C.: A retired professor of biochemical
pharmacology, who was editor for 10 years of the research
journal, Drug Metabolism and Disposition.  He has been
writing haiku for about 15 years, and for the past three years
has been editor of Frogpond, the journal of the Haiku Society
of America.  He lives in the middle of a liveoak forest in north
central Florida, from which he derived the images for his
chapbook, alachua, druidoaks, Archer, FL, 1990.
 Kenneth Leibman

LEUCK, ANGELA: Quebec Regional Coordinator for Haiku Canada,
Angela has only recently begun writing tanka.  She is the organizer of
Haiku at the Garden/Haiku au jardin, an annual two-day celebration
of haiku and tanka at the Japanese Garden of the Montreal Botanical
Garden. Angela Leuck

LEWIS, EDITH MIZE: lives in Boca Raton, FL
A published writer and poetry award-winner
since 1974, Edith's literary subjects are travel,
medical, WWII, children and poetry. Her essay,
"A Mother Mourns" appears in Dr. Elisabeth
Kubler-Ross' "Death The Final Stage of Growth,
published by Prentice-Hall, 1975, reprinted by
Simon & Schuster. 1986. Edith's other credits
include Life Magazine, Journal of Practical
Nursing, Home Life, Grit, Sunshine Magazine,
Woman's Day. Her self-published book for
children entitled "Haiku  is a Feeling", 1991 earned
second place in the Florida State Association
NLAPW competition. Edith considers herself an
unknown writer and says "The more I know, the
more I have the need to know."

LOGAN, JANE: poet, wife, mother, grandmother and
retired Registered Nurse, Jane's poetry has been published
in numerous publications. She is currently working on a
collection for publication. Jane divides the year between
beach and desert, living in Cathedral City and Santa Cruz,
CA with her husband, Frank.

LYLES, PEGGY WILLIS: Resides in Tucker Georgia. Married
and has a son and a daughter. B.A. in English, Columbia (S.C.)
College; M.A. in English, Tulane University; Woodrow
Wilson Fellow, 1960-61. Taught at Sophie Newcomb
College, The University of Georgia. Poetry Editor of Georgia
Journal, 1980-85. Exhibiting member, the Charleston Artists
Guild; member Atlanta Artists' Club. Widely published in
haiku magazines in the US and abroad. Her work appears
in a number of anthologies, including The Haiku Handbook,
1985 and Haiku World, 1996 both edited by William J. Higginson;
The Haiku Anthology, 1986, edited by Cor van den Heuvel; A
Haiku Path, 1994, the Haiku Society of America.  Author of
Red Leaves In The Air, High/Coo Press, 1979; Still At The
Edge, Swamp Press, 1980; and Prisms (a haiku sheet), Wind
Chimes Press, 1988. She says, "I think of contemporary English
language haiku as something we poets are creating together. I
enjoy reading haiku as much as writing them and consider
many haiku poets 'mentors at a distance."  Peggy Lyles