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GARRISON, DENIS: Denis has lived on four continents
and now lives in Baltimore's "Hunt Country" with his wife,
Deborah, and their dogs. A 1974 graduate of Towson
University, where he edited the literary magazine, he had
published several poems, short stories, and an essay before
the 1975 publication of his chapbook, Port of Call and Other
Poems. He edits Haiku Harvest, Haiku Cycles, and the Templar Phoenix
Literary Review. Denis' poetry has also been published in
Talisman, The Starlight Cafe's Poets Corner, Stirring: A
Literary Collection, and The Poet’s Porch.
Submissions to: Haiku Harvest

GEORGE, BARRY A.: a recovering lawyer, Barry teaches
college English and enjoys life raising cats in Philadelphia.
His work has appeared in many leading  North American
haiku journals, as well as in such foreign publications as
in Ko (Japan), Snapshots and Psychopoetica (United Kingdom),
Green Apples and Hasee (Slovenia), Haiku Moment (Yugoslavia),
and paper wasp (Australia). His work was represented in the
1999 Red Moon Anthology. His latest work will appear in the
forthcoming  A New Resonance: Emerging Voices in English
Language Haiku (Volume 2) (Red Moon Press) and The New
Haiku (Snapshots Press). Barry A. George

GILLI, FERRIS: Associate Editor, The Heron's Nest.  Ferris
lives with her husband Harry in Orlando, Florida.  Ferris
has traveled in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America,
and Europe, and has lived in Paraguay and Germany.  She
earned first place in the 1998 Alabama Sakura Haiku
Competition, fourth place in the 1999 Sakura  Competition,
and third prize in the 1998 Herb Barrett contest.  She was
among the ten winners of the 2nd Annual International
People's Haiku Contest and won Honorable Mention in the Yuki
Teikei Haiku Society East-West 99 Hokku Contest,  the 1999
Harold G. Henderson Awards, and the National League of
American Pen Women poetry contest.  Ferris's haiku, tanka,
haibun, and renku have appeared in Cicada, Modern Haiku,
frogpond, Acorn, Raw Nervz, Haiku Spirit, Presence, Tundra,
Snapshots, and Lynx.  Her work can be found in the thin
curve: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku
1999;  up against the window: American Haibun & Haiga 1999;
and The Art of Haiku 2000.  Her tanka has been selected for
the Tanka 100 Anthology.  Her work can also be seen online
at Poetry in the Light, Reflections, Haiga Online, The
Heron's Nest, Chaba, Pickings, and Templar Phoenix Haiku
Harvest. Ferris Gilli
For submissions to The Heron’s Nest:  Ferris Gilli, Assoc. Ed.

GOP: a former soldier and Peace Corps volunteer, resides
in Bangkok, Thailand with his beautiful Thai wife and their
two dogs. From 1970 until 1994, gop taught English as a
Second Language at the University of the Americas in
Mexico and three universities in Thailand. Since 1994 he
has been on an inner journey which has recently led him
to write haiku.When not writing haiku, gop meditates a lot,
lifts weights,interprets dreams and doesn't watch television.
He attempts to be conscious and to do as little harm as
possible. gop

GORGONE, JUDITH: a designer and illustrator, who
specializes in design of decorative consumer
products, toys, and product development. Her
vibrant colorful graphics and whimsical illustrations
appear on a wide variety of products, including
greeting cards for the Museum of Modern Art New
York and Unicef Worldwide. She holds a degree from
MA  College of Art where she presently teaches
computer graphics. She has exhibited her design work
and lectured in Japan and Korea and New York. Judith
started writing poetry after her first trip to Korea.
Fascinated with Asia she eventually moved to Japan in
1994 - where she briefly studied Shodo, Sumie and was
first introduced to haiku. Inspired by the many exotic
and unique philosophies and images throughout her travels
in Asia, she tried her hand at haiku, and later
experimented with other forms such as sijo and tanka.
Judith's work has been published in Sijo West, Frogpond
and Mainichi.   Judith Gorgone

GORMAN, LEROY: born in Smiths Falls, Ontario, in 1949.
LeRoy  lives in Napanee, Ontario and teaches in Kingston.
His poetry, much of it visual (mostly minimalist and haiku,
or haiku in intent), has appeared in print since 1976 in various
presentations worldwide.  In addition to writing, he edits Haiku
Canada Publications (periodical, annual anthology, broadsides,
etc.) and publishes (since 1998) poetry leaflets and postcards
under his pawEpress imprint.  He is a member of the Writers'
Union of Canada, Haiku Society of America and Haiku Canada.
His published books include such titles as: whose smile the ripple
warps, heart's garden, only shadflies have come, seasons on
the run.  LeRoy Gorman

GREENWELL, PENELOPE DAVIS: lives and works in Lexington,
Kentucky where she often stays up far past her bedtime writing
poetry about people and experiences - past and present, real and
imagined.  She has had haiku, tanka and poetry published in
print and on-line journals, including Acorn, Agnieszka's Dowry,
American Tanka, Heron's Nest, Lynx, Kimera, Modern Haiku,
Niederngasse, Poetry in the Light, Snakeskin and Tundra.
Penelope Davis Greenwell

GRIMES, DEIRDRE: resides in Killaloe, Co. Clare Ireland.
A 23-year-old mother of one child, Deirdre graduated
with degree in fine art, 1998. She currently works in a
book shop and has been published both on-line and
in paper.  Deirdre Grimes

GRIMNES, KAY: teaches biology at Alma College, a small liberal arts
institution in mid-Michigan.  Since her specialty is insect microscopy
studies, she appreciates haiku as a different "focus."  Her haiku have
appeared in Frogpond, The Heron's Nest, Acorn, Geppo and Haiku
Headlines, among other journals.   Kay Grimnes

GROSS, LARRY: a practicing poet, freelance writer, editor,
lecturer, tutor and writing consultant with a PhD. He has
more than 40 years experience in teaching poetry and
creative writing. His text How to Write and Publish Poetry
(HWAPP) has been praised by poets and teachers in
seven countries. His three poetry periodical — HWUP!,
The Top and Sijo West — are currently on hiatus, but he
is very active on the Web. Other publishing credits include
The Shakespeare Interviews, Francesa Da Rimini On Stage,
Memories Of The Tennessee Hills, professional manuals,
articles, haiku, tanka and other poetry in numerous US and
international publications, including Bogg, Canadian Writer's
Journal, Cicada, Dragonfly, Frogpond, Haiku Canada, Haiku
International, Modern Haiku, New Cicada, Northwest
Literary Forum, Potpourri. He has judged many literary
competitions, including Tanka Splendor 1997. Larry lives in
Tallahassee FL. His daughter Kymberli lives close by, but son
Eric (and his wife Linda) live in Portland OR, where Eric is a
college professor.   Larry Gross
Website:   theWORDshop
Discussion Groups: Sijoforum(Webmaster) and Fspaforum  (Webmaster)

GURGA, LEE: Associate Editor, Modern Haiku journal;
President, Haiku Society of America, 1997; Vice-President,
Haiku Society of America, 1991, 1995-96. Haiku collections:
a mouse pours out, HIGH/COO Press, 1988; The Measure
of Emptiness, Press Here, 1991; In & Out of Fog, Press
Here, 1997. AWARDS & GRANTS (partial list): 1998
Illinois Arts Council Poetry Fellowship; 1997 Japan
Foundation Travel Grant; 1996 Haiku Summit Contest,
1st Place, International Division; 1996 Canadian Writers'
Journal Haiku Contest; 1st Place' 1996 Kusamakura
International Haiku Contest, Grand Prize, Kumamoto City,
Japan; 1995 Ito-en New Haiku Contest, Jury's Choice
Award; 1992 Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award,
2nd place (for Midwest Haiku Anthology,  co-editor with
Randy Brooks); 1990 Mainichi Daily News Haiku in English
Contest,1st place. Lee's haiku have been published in
leading haiku journals around the world as well as in
numerous anthologies, including Haiku World, ed.
William J. Higginson, Kodansha, 1997; Iga/Ueno Basho
Festival Anthology (1993, 1996, & 1997); Haiku Moment,
ed. Bruce Ross, Charles E. Tuttle, 1993; The Haiku Hundred,
Iron Press (England), 1992; and Constanta Haiku Anthology,
Constanta Haiku Society, (Romania), 1992  Lee Gurga


HALL, CAROLYN: Born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1941,
Carolyn has lived in San Francisco since the early 60s.
After a checkered career including stints in histology, mutual
funds, advertising and child-rearing, in 1994 she quit her day
job as a graphic designer and copy editor to take up creative
writing – primarily memoir and fiction. Two years ago a friend
introduced her to haiku. She has since become totally addicted
to the heightened sense of awareness haiku has brought to her
life – an addiction she has no desire to break. Her haiku, senryu,
rengay and haibun have appeared in a wide variety of journals in
the U.S. and abroad and have been anthologized in The Red Moon
Anthology  (Red  Moon Press 1999 and 2000), Floating Dreams
(Two Autumns Press 2001), stone frog: American Haibun and
Haiga (Red Moon Press 2001), and has been selected for inclusion
in the second volume of New Resonance: Emerging Voices in
English-Language Haiku (Red Moon Press 2001, forthcoming). Her
haiku have received prizes or honorable mentions in (among others)
the Gerald Brady Senryu Contest (1999), the Haiku Calendar Contest
(2000 and 2001), San Francisco International Haiku Contest (2000),
HEA Haiku Contest (2001), NLAPW International Poetry Contest
(2001), Penumbra Haiku Competition (2001), and The Heron’s
Nest Valentine Awards (2001). Carolyn is Associate Editor of
Mariposa, the semi-annual membership journal of the Haiku Poets of
Northern California.  Carolyn Hall

HEROLD, CHRISTOPHER: His works, which include tanka,
haibun and other haikai forms, have been published in
many journals and magazines throughout the world.
A number of his poems have been included in
the prestigious Red Moon Anthologies. Twice a winner of HSA's
the Museum of Haiku literature award. Herold has judged
international haiku, senryu and renku competitions,
including the World Haiku Contest, sponsored by Japan
Airlines. In past years he has been president of
the Haiku Poets of  Northern California, as well as co-editor
of their quarterly journal, Woodnotes.  He has also been
an editor of anthologies produced by Two Autumns Press,
the most recent being the 1995 release of,  A Path to the
Sea.  He was also the soliciting editor of a series of essays
entitled The Art of Haiku, for the Yuki Teikei Haiku
Society of the United States and Canada's journal, Geppo.
He has taught haiku in the schools at all grade levels,
and has held numerous adult haiku workshops.
Herold's first two books, In Other Words, and Coincidence,
are now out of print. A third small chapbook of his long
haibun Voices of Stone, Kanshiketsu Press, is in its
fourth printing and is available by contacting the poet.
His most recent collections are In the Margins of the Sea
from Snapshot Press in Great Britain, and A Path in the
Garden from Katsura Press. At present Herold edits a highly
selective journal of international haiku called The Heron's
Nest. It's the first journal to appear on a monthly basis,
simultaneously on the World Wide Web and in a paper edition.
Christopher Herold   Website:  THE HERON'S NEST

HESKIN, J.D: resides in northeastern Minnesota. J.D.
says, “Though I have not written in the haiku form until
recently, I have always been intrigued by its succinctness.
I have written other forms of poetry for quite a number
of years now, and have been published in many literary
magazines. Most recently, I have taken to writing for
on-line magazines (such as Snakeskin) with some degree
of success.” J.D. Heskin

HOLMES, ELAINE (LANA): a poet and essayist, Lana
is a member of Canadian Authors Assoc. whose work
has been published in Sijo West, Canadian Writer’s
Journal, among other publications. Also a wildlife artist,
Lana is a valued member of  Hudson Artists.
 Lana Holmes

houck, eric l. jr.: lives in the "foothills" of the Catskills
with his wife, two children and three cats. His haiku
have been published in the following journals:  Ants,
Asahi Evening News (Japan), Azami (Japan), Black
Bough, Blithe Spirit (UK), Canadian Writer's Journal,
Christian Science Monitor, Cicada, Dasoku, Famous
Reporter (Australia), Feasta (Ireland), Frogpond,
Geppo, Haiku Headlines, Heron Quarterly, Mainichi
Daily News (Japan), Mayfly, Modern Haiku, New
Hope International Review (UK), Northwest Literary
Forum, Parnassus Literary Journal, Persimmon, Point
Judith Light, Raw Nervz (Canada), Snapshots (England),
Spin (New Zealand), Still (England), White Heron
Poetry Review, and Woodpecker (Netherlands). eric
participates in two mailing lists: Shiki and Haiku Spirit.
He has had numerous children's stories published and
a picture book ‘Rabbit Surprise' by Crown Books for
Young Readers (1993).  Eric Houck