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EGGER, MARLENE: Raised near Chicago, having experienced
California in the seventies, and now living in Salt Lake City,
Marlene’s heritage is Alsatian and Bavarian. She is a kayaker,
health services researcher, partner, aunt, and poet, in
varying doses. Marlene says she is “relatively new to haiku.
However, the beauty of the North American West as well as its
qualities of heartland provide considerable opportunities for
haiku moments.” Marlene Egger

EMRICH, JEANNE: poet and artist living in Bloomington,
Minnesota, USA. She was a recipient of the H. G. Henderson
Award for Best Unpublished Haiku, Honorable Mention,
1995.  Besides haiku, Jeanne writes tanka, renga, and free
verse. Author of The Haiku Habit,  Lone Egret Press, 1996.
She also is a watercolor artist and the co-founder of the
Minnesota Watercolor  Society.  Her other interests include
nature study, history, and historical reenactment. Her work
has been published in Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Cicada,
Lynx, and the Canadian Writer's Journal as well on the e-zine,
Poetry Cafe.
 Jeanne Emrich  Website: THE HAIKU HABIT

ESCAREAL, JUANITO L.: lives with his wife in El Sobrante,
Calif., USA.  His introduction to haiku began about 1996 while
surfing the internet and discovered the Shiki Haiku Salon where
he participated and shared haiku with other haijin ever since. He
says he “was fortunate to have met my sensei (via the net) who
helped me appreciate haiku.”  Juanito is originally from the
Philippines, emigrating to the US some twenty years ago.
 Juanito L. Escareal


FERRELL, DONNA: lives on a small farm near Westerville, Ohio,
with her husband and two children. Donna has taught high school
English for over 20 years and is currently teaching in an adult
literacyprogram. A co-moderator of Mountain-Home, an internet
list for the writing of modern waka in the traditional style, her
work appears in "In Buddha's Temple," "World Haiku Review,"
"American Tanka," "Mainichi," and David Coomler's
"Hokku--Writing  Traditional Haiku in English: The Gift to be
Simple," and "Tanka Light."  Donna Ferrell

FITZSIMMONS, THOMAS: went into World War II as
an underage merchant seaman just after Pearl Harbor
and came out from the USAAF just after Hiroshima. He
was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, Oct. 1926. Formerly
writer/editor, The New Republic (Washington, DC), feature
writer, The Asahi Daily News(Tokyo, Japan), he is author,
translator or editor of more than 60 books, 32 of which
currently are in print. At present he is editor of two book
series from University of Hawai'i  Press: Asian Poetry in
Translation: Japan, and Reflections. Emeritus Professor of
Literature, Oakland University, he has received a number
of honors, including three National Endowment for the Arts
fellowships (poetry, translation and belles lettres) and several
Fulbrights to countries in Europe and Asia. In the mid-1970s
he and Karen Hargreaves-Fitzsimmons did a 16 month, 18
nation poetry-reading\performance\lecturing\workshop tour
through the Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and Europe
under the auspices of USIS. They live just south of Santa Fe,
where they publish Katydid Books, distributed by University
of Hawai'i Press. Thomas' most recent works are: Fencing the
Sky (a folio; art by Karen Hargreaves-Fitzsimmons) 1998, The
Poetry and Poetics of Ancient Japan (a translation), 1997; The
Dream Machine (poetry, in the collection Sextet: Six Powerful
American Voices), 1996; Water Ground Stone (poetry and
prose; art by Karen Hargreaves-Fitzsimmons), 1994; and The
New Poetry of Japan: the 70s and 80s (an anthology), 1993.
His Planet Forces, commissioned by 20th Century Unlimited
and scored for soprano and 18 instruments by Peter
Michaelides, had its premier December 12, 1998 in Santa Fe.
A violin duo composed by Toru Takemitsu to his and Makoto
oka's linked poems in the Japanese- English volume Rocking
Mirror Daybreak was commissioned by and is in the repertoire
of the New York Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society.
Other works by Toru Takemitsu and Makoto  oka to which he
has contributed — A Way A Lone, and From Far Beyond
Chrysanthemums and November Fog, Chamber music; From
Me Flows What You Call Time, Suite for Percussion and
Orchestra; and the Symphony, A String Around Autumn.
 Thomas Fitzsimmons

FRAMPTON, ALICE (piper): originally from Washington State,
Alice has lived in British Columbia, Canada since 1973. After
working in the childcare field for twenty-five years, she returned
to writing and stumbled into Japanese poetry by submitting some
three line, non-haiku pieces to a very helpful editor named Jim Kacian.
Under his tutelage, through reading, and joining both The Haiku
Society of America and Haiku Canada, she has found success with
her work and has enjoyed meeting many fine haijin. Her publishing
credits include Frogpond, Poetry in the Light, Lynx, American Tanka,
Raw NerVZ Haiku, Haiku Canada and Haiku Sociey of America
Anthologies, The Heron's Nest, Countless Leaves, Haiku Canada
Newsletter, pawEprint by pawEpress, American Haibun and
Haiga - Stone Frog, Haijinx, and honorable mention in the Betty
Drevnoik Competition 2001. Reaching as far as Japan, Alice has also
been included on Kuniharu Shimizu's website "see haiku here."
Most recently she has written an article for the Mie Times in Mie
Prefecture. Alice lives in Delta with her husband, three sons, a cat,
a dog, and lots of fish.  Alice Frampton

FRATICELLI, MARCO: a poet from Montreal has been
writing haiku for over twenty years. During that time he
has been an active member of Haiku Canada and is currently
the Membership Secretary. He has published a number of
books of poetry, the latest being 'Voyeur' from Guernica
Editions. He is also the editor of the Hexagram series of
haiku books published by King's Road Press.
Marco Fraticelli