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CHANG, YU: an electrical engineering professor at
Union College in Schenectady, New York, Yu  writes
haiku, tanka, and renga. His poems have been published
in Frogpond, Lynx, Modern Haiku, South by Southeast,
Still, and Woodnotes. He is the winner of  the 1996 and
the 1997 Shiki Internet Haiku Contest.  Yu Chang

CHENEY, MATTHEW: teaches English and theatre at
The New Hampton School in central New Hampshire.
 Matthew Cheney

CLAUSEN, TOM: As a child in upstate New York he early on
developed an appreciation for the seasonal flow of
changes encompassing consistent play outdoors through
four defined seasons. Attended Cornell University during
the height of the Viet Nam war protests and graduated,
although feeling unqualified to do much beyond following
his wanderlust dreams which he did for several years on
his bicycle. His ventures always ended in returns back
to his hometown, Ithaca, where he shares his childhood
home with his wife and two children, 9 and 3 , who insure
that he has scant opportunities to become as self involved
as he once was. His work life is at  Cornell's second
largest library in the Circulation Dept. where the good
fortune daily is a rich diversity of patrons from all over
the world to meet and help. His haiku and tanka have been
published in leading journals, including Modern Haiku,
Frogpond, Lynx, Haiku Headlines, Mayfly, Hummingbird,
Woodnotes, Raw Nervz, South By Southeast, Point Judith
Light and American Tanka. Author of  two haiku collections,
Autumn Wind in the Cracks and Unraked Leaves as well as a
tanka collection, A Work of Love.   Tom Clausen

CODRESCU, IAN: lives in Romania with his lovely
and talented wife, Mihaela, who assists him with the
editing and production of their popular haiku journal,
Albatross. Ian's haiku appear internationally in leading
journals anthologies and websites. His beautiful artwork
illustrates not only in his own collection, "Drawings
Among Haiku" (1994), but in other haiku poets'
collections as well. "Round The Pond: An Anthology,"
edited and published by Ian, earned a Haiku Society
of America Merit Book Award in 1994.

COHEN, MARTIN: lives in Egg Harbor City, NJ.  He says, “I
came straight from Manhattan to this town more than fifteen
years ago.  And the only qualities this city has is its chicken
buzzards and micro-brewery, the first restaurant/micro-brewery
in Atlantic County I might add.  Just a few blocks down from
my apartment is, in my humble opinion, the best ale and german
lager this side of the Atlantic.  All I could want within walking
distance.  The owners serve it in half gallon growlers that I can
re-use.  And when I walk past the water tower, I can watch
the buzzards bath in the winter sun spreading their wings about
the length of a full sized woman. Once, I got nervous when I counted
fifty heads on the tower.  I walked away and noticed a group flying
off to my right and circling.  I picked up my pace and turned the
corner never to see that many birds again.” Martin has recently
had poetry acceptances from Tina Stanton's "Borders & Time" and
Serge Tome's "Free Times".   Martin Cohen

COLÓN, CARLOS. The Reference/Readers’ Advisory
Supervisor for Shreve Memorial Library.  He is also the
author of six books of poetry (The Worstof Almira
Gulch, Blue Jay on a Bowling Pin, Jiminy Limericks,
Mountain Climbing, Clocking Out, and Nothing Inside)
and the editor of  Sunday at Four, a poetry magazine
published locally by The Trapped Truth Society.
 Carlos Colon

COMPTON, ELLEN: born in the West Virginia mountains,
Ellen has lived in eastern Ohio, New Orleans, Venezuela,
upstate New York, and rural New Jersey. Currently lives
and works in Washington, DC, with long and frequent
retreats to the western shore of the Chesapeake. She is a
freelance writer with a background in visual and theatre
arts, and is on the editorial staff of The Red Moon Anthology.
Ellen is an active member of "towpath" (haiku poets of the
Chesapeake watershed), and traveled to Japan with the
HSA delegation to the 1997 Haiku International/HSA Haiku
Conference.  She has always been close to the natural world
and the cycles of the seasons.  Haiku writing has taught her
more about poetry than could ever have been learned in an
academic setting.  Her haiku and tanka have appeared in
Modern Haiku, Frogpond, Woodnotes, Gendai Haiku, black
bough, Tanka Splendor, and Brussels Sprout, among others.
 Ellen Compton

CULLEN, WILLIAM JR.: a software engineer who lives in
Brooklyn and works on Wall Street. He is married and has
two sons. His work has appeared in Modern Haiku,
Frogpond, Mayfly, Cicada, Brussels Sprout and other
literary magazines. In 1990 he won honorable mention in
both HSA's Harold G. Henderson contest as well as the
1990 International Haiku Contest in Matsuyama, Ehime,
Japan. William Cullen Jr.


DACIC, RADE: doctor of Mathematics and former
professor of Belgrade University, Rade is now a
Senior Research Fellow of the Mathematical Institute
in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Author
of a number of books of poetry and prose, books (in
all genres) for children, and texts. His haiku have been
published in Yugoslavia, Japan, Netherlands, USA, and
Canada, and included in WORLD HAIKU POEMS
HAIKU POETRY, among others.  Rade Dacic

DAMERELL, JULIE: Julie is a newcomer to tanka and sijo..
Publications that have published her free verse poetry
are The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks, ByLine,
Conspire,  Melic Review,  Moveo Angelus Literary Arts
Spring 2000, and Savoy and others  She is the administrator
for Sistine Chapbook, the bulletin board for Moveo Angelus.
Julie Damerell

DAVID, ADELE: born in England and educated in
America, Canada and England. She is a Jungian
Training Analyst and Training Supervisor, a professional
astrologer, artist and poet. Her poems have appeared in many
magazines and newspapers from the "Scotsman," "Ambit,"
"The Poet's Voice" and "Ko" in Britain, America, Europe
and Japan, and in various anthologies in England and
Canada, from a "PEN Anthology" to the recent "Iron Book
of British Haiku". She has published a chapbook called
"Becoming", is a winner of the Caernarvan Festival prize
and the Appleby Cup. She lives and works in London.
 Adele David

DE GRUTTOLA, RAFFAEL. Founding member of The
Boston Haiku Society.  Past President of The Haiku
Society of American and its present Treasurer.  First
Northeast Regional Coordinator of The Haiku Society
of America.  Mr. DeGruttola has published three books
of poetry: Where Ashes Float, Flamenco Song, and
Recycle.  This latter is a longer haiku sequence with images
by Wilfredo Chiesa.  Mr. DeGruttola is active in the poetry
scene in the Boston/Cambridge area and has given many
readings over the years.  His haiku, renga, and senryu have
beenpublished widely in magazines in the US, Canada,
Europe, and Japan.  Cellinixo

DECKER, KATHLEEN P.: a physician in the Pacific Northwest,
Kathleen has been writing haiku for approximately three years,
and free verse since childhood.  She edited “My Neighbor’s Life,”
an anthology of 20 HSA poets, and is editor of “Chiyo’s Corner,”
a mixed haiku/free verse illustrated quarterly publication. She has
published two chapbooks, “Essence of Woman,” and “Russian
Reverie,”  with haiku, tanka, renku, and other poems, in French,
Japanese, and Russian, as well as English.  Her first full-length book,
“Whispers on Paper” featured haiku, haibun, and a short story, “The
Sand Plant.” Kathleen says “It is the economy of words that appeals
to me in writing haiku, and the precept that by observing and
reflecting on nature, we can achieve peace.”  Kathleen Decker

DIORDIEVIC, JASMINKA NADASKIC: lives in Smederevo, Yugoslavia.
An electrical engineer, Jasminka is also an art photographer
who writes haiku and other forms of poetry. Her haiku found
homes on the Internet at The Heron’s Nest, Asahi Haikuist
Network, HASEE, Temps Libres/Free Times, haijinx,
Haikumania”, AHA!Poetry, among others. Her work has
been published in eight countries and have appeared in
Blithe Spirit (England), Ehime, Ginyu, Ko  (Japan),
Woodpecker (Netherlands), Modern Haiku, Point Judith
Light, In Buddha's Temple (USA), Letni casi (Slovenia),
Haiku (Romania), Poets International (India). Her list of
awards include1st in YU - 2.99 haiku contest, Novi
Sad 1999;2nd in XII Yugoslav haiku festival, Odzaci 1999;
Golden Star Award in the Toast Point Contest, 1998, and
2nd in Mainichi’s 2001 annual competition.She is author
of four poetry books:  “Time of Nettles”, “The Patch of
Dark”, “Jostling of Butterflies” and “An Upset Bird.”
Jasminka is on the editorial staff of  “Haiku Informator”
(Informer) and has also edited "Parce neba" (Kousek nebe,
A piece of the sky), Haiku iz sklonista (Haiku z krytu,
Haiku from an air-raid shelter) (Czech).
Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic

DIXON, MELISSA: born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
In the forties, she found that the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation was willing to pay her to act in their weekly
radio dramas. Ignoring the oft-asked question, "Yes, but
what do you do for a living?" she then established a
forty-year career as a performer (working under the name
Peg Dixon), branching out into stage, films, and TV as
these outlets became viable  professions for Canadians, in
Winnipeg, Vancouver and Toronto. A love of writing
persisted from schooldays, and in sparse acting seasons she
wrote articles for newspapers. In the early nineties the creative
urge found its way into haiku magazines. But 'Moments' were
never enough! Tanka now satisfies deeply. Published in Haiku
Canada, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, RAW NerVZ, LYNX,
American Tanka, The Tanka Journal. Winner in Tanka
Splendor 2000; Third Place Winner in Japan Tanka Poets'
Society contest, 2000; Second Place Winner, Japan Society
on Water Environment, 2001. How can one NOT write poetry
when living in beautiful B.C.?   Melissa Dixon

DJURBABIC, SVETOMIR: born 1936 in Stolac, Bosnia, Svetomir
lives in Nis, Serbia and is a journalist in the cultural department of
TV "Global." An editorial member of the Yugoslavian haiku magazine
"Haiku novine," he is also a writer of  stories, essays, haiku, senryu,
and haibun. His haiku have appeared in many haiku journals in Yugoslavia,
Japan, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Norvegen, Slovenia as
well as in the following collections /anthologies: KNOTS, USA, Slovenia
1999;  A PIECE OF THE SKY, Prague 1999; GERMAN HAIKU
VON GESTERN, Germany 2000. Haiku awards: Special award, Odzaci
Competition, Yugoslavia 1998; First Prize, Italian Spring Haiku Competition
1999; Special Recognition Award, Haiku Headlines, USA 1999; First Prize
for Senryu, Valjevo Senryu Competition, Yugoslavia 1999; Third Prize for
Haibun, Novi Sad Competition, Yugoslavia 2000; HM, Valjevo Senryu
Competition, Yugoslavia 2000; Second Prize, 5th Annual Mainichi Haiku
Competition, Japan 2001.  Svetomir Djurbabic

DODEROVIC, ZORAN: born in 1960 and now living in Novi
Sad, Yugoslavia. His poems have appeared in more than 150
literary journals since 1993 – in Japan: Azami, Ko, Mainichi
Daily News, Suien, The Shiki Internet Salon; in USA: Modern
Haiku, Frogpond, Haiku Headlines, Point Judith Light, Heron
Quarterly; in Canada: Mirrors, RAW NerVz ; in Germany: Ein
Anthologie - Haiku 1998; in Ireland: LA; in England: Presence;
in Slovenia: Prijatelj, Apokalipsa, Letni Casi, Green Apples; in
Romania: Orfeu; in Australia: Yellow Moon; in Greece: Ibykos;
in Netherland: Woodpecker; and in Yugoslavia: Haiku novine,
Haiku pismo, Paun, Lotos, Listak . Zoran has won a number of
awards: Haiku Headlines ( three times the first place ), Taoism
& Poetry ( internet - two times the second place ), Azami
( honorable mention ),  Yellow Moon ( honorable mention ).
Zoran is a member of HASEE Haiku Association for Southeastern
Europe and a local haiku club "A.Nejgebauer" ( Novi Sad ). Also,
he is the editor and publisher of  "Haiku Moment" magazine that
is open to all haiku poets around the world.  Zoran Doderovic

DOTY, GENE: teaches writing and literature at the
University of Missouri-Rolla. Especially interested in
such classics of world literature as the Mahabharata
and the poems of Rumi, as well as contemporary fantasy
and science fiction. Together with CK Tower, he edits
poetry for the Webzine, Recursive Angel. Right now,
he writes mostly tanka, haiku, and ghazals. In poetry,
forms that are open, flexible, and yet forceful appeal
most. While he couldn't give any exhaustive list, he says
he has been influenced by Whitman, Pound, William
Carlos Williams, Levertov, Villon, as well as painters
like Dali, Dekooning, Ernst, Emil Nolde and Matisse.
His greatest delight, however, is a marriage of 35 years
and the 4 children and 7 grandchildren that have
resulted from it. Gene has published haiku and tanka in
Woodnotes, Frogpond, Brussels Sprout, Modern Haiku,
and others. His ghazals and longer poems have appeared
in Lynx, Phase and Cycle,  The Rolling Coulter in hard
copy, and in such Webzines as Thoth, Recursive Angel,
Plaintext, Conspire, and  (forthcoming) Road of Shadows.
Under the name Eugene Warren, he has published
several collections, including Geometries of Light, The
Similitudes, Fishing at Easter, and Christographia.
Gene has been using the name “gino peregrini” (no caps)
for some of his writing and editing. He says that "gino" is
a forty-year-old nickname. "peregrini" means wanderer or
pilgrim. He is gino peregrini when editing The Ghazal Page
and writing sijo.  Gene Doty  Websites: Gene Doty's Homepage

DUBOIS, JEAN: poet, essayist and photographer from
Golden, Colorado whose work can be enjoyed at her
website, Under Running Laughter, in the print media,
and online at  Sijo Blossoms, Sijo West, Chaba and
Chameleon. Jean Dubois

DUHAIME, ANDRÉ. Born in Montréal (Canada) in 1948,
André lives near Ottawa. Co-president for Haiku Canada
(1985-1988). He has published four haiku collections:
Haïku d'ici, Asticou, 1981; Pelures d'oranges/Orange Peels
(translation by  Dorothy Howard) Asticou, 1987; Au jour
le jour, Noroît, 1988; and Cet autre rendez-vous, David,
1996.  One tanka collection: Traces d'hier, Noroît, 1990;
three renku collections: Voyage parallèle/Parallel
Journey with LeRoy Gorman, Asticou, 1989; D'une
saison à l'autre with Lisa Carducci,  Loup de
Gouttière, 1993; and Quelques jours en hiver et au
printemps with Gordan Skiljevic, David, 1997; two haiku
collections for children: Le Soleil curieux du printemps,
Asticou, 1990; and Châteaux d'été, Asticou, 1990.  He has
co-edited Haïku: anthologie canadienne/Canadian
Anthology with Dorothy Howard; Asticou, 1985.   He is
the editor of an International multilingual/French Anthologie
Haïku on the Internet.   Andre Duhaime

DUTTON, DENNIS H: a lay Buddhist monk, lives in El
Rito, New Mexico, where he is the town librarian. He
began writing haiku two years ago after a 35-year
hiatus, and has had some 300 haiku and other poems
published since in Frogpond, Modern Haiku, still, Ko,
Hummingbird, Black Bough, RAW NerVZ, Haiku Headlines,
Lynx, Heron's Nest, and other journals and ezines. Dennis
and fellow New Mexican Thomas Fitzsimmons have
a new book out, Zia, an illustrated collection of four
haiku series set in The Land of Enchantment. Several
of Dennis's works have been anthologized, and a haiku
series earned a 2nd-place red ribbon in the Espanola
Valley's "First Annual Biggest Vegetable & Best Poem
Contest." A tanka by Dennis was one of the winners in
the TankaSplendor 2000   Deninis H. Dutton